Three Truths about Memory Foam Mattress Toppers That You Need To Know

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night fighting with your lumpy and uncomfortable mattress?  Have you recently purchased a new mattress only to find that you still cannot manage a good night’s sleep?  Have you tried the pillow top mattress topper that is so widely advertised only to realize about a month worth of improved sleep before falling into that same old sleepless rut?  Help is here but you will need to know the truth before you rush to find relief.
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Truth Number One

A memory foam mattress topper can result in several years’ worth of good sleep, provided that being uncomfortable is the only problem you are experiencing.  What you will not find on any of the websites like,, or Sleep, is a disclaimer stating that you should see your physician to check for underlying causes before assuming a memory foam mattress topper will solve all your sleep problems.  While it may help, it will not cure an underlying cause of missed sleep.  You will also not find this helpful hint on the websites that contain memory foam mattress topper reviews.

Truth Number Two

Websites and review sites will often tell you that the best memory foam mattress topper is the most expensive one.  That would be the most popular topper that has the most density and is four inches thick, which is the thickest product that they sell besides the double.  They will also push the world famous memory foam mattress topper double, as if it, like the double whopper with cheese, is better simply because it has twice as much of the ingredients.  The fact of the matter is, the denser the topper, the more likely it is to make you sweat when the weather is warmer or your heat kicks in.  A dense, thick, memory foam mattress topper cannot breathe like a lower density, thinner one will and yet, you can get just as much comfort out of the less expensive model, otherwise, why would they sell it.

Truth Number Three

Not all memory foam mattress toppers are the same.  Different companies will use different types of memory foam; hence, if you are sensitive to one, you may not necessarily be sensitive to the feel of another company’s product.  An extra tip for you is that you can get a great deal on memory foam mattress toppers on or as long as you are willing to forego the manufacturer’s warranty.  These discount websites have satisfaction warranties of their own so you are not missing anything by trying to save a few bucks for some much-needed rest.  You can buy almost anything from these sites, from wedding party supplies to mattresses, and you know that you are dealing with reputable online retailers.