Hoodia: an effective appetite suppressant?

Hoodia is believed to be one of the most amazing appetite suppressants that will help you lose the weight you need without being hungry. Having been promoted as a “miracle drug,” it has become one of the most popular weight loss aids since ephedra. The real name for this is hoodia gordonii. It is a cactus like plant that resembles a cucumber in appearance with a slightly bitter taste. It takes about 5 – 7 years for the hoodia gordonii plant to reach full maturity, and grows in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

The way hoodia gordonii works is through a molecule it contains, which “tricks” your mind into believing that you have already eaten, and are full. This is the main reason that its supporters feel it is the best weight loss aid to come around in years. It will give you extra energy, which will make you feel like exercising to make your weight loss even easier and more dramatic.

The hoodia gordonii plant is one of 20 different hoodia varieties. However, it is the only one that works for suppressing the appetite. Folklore says that the hoodia plant was used by tribesmen while they were on long hunting expeditions. They removed the skin and the spines of the plant so they could eat the heart of  it. It kept them from being hungry and thirsty until they had reached their homes again. This was done for centuries before its effects reached the world of today.

Once hoodia gordonii gained notice, research scientists performed a lot of testing on the plant. This is how the active molecule, identified as p57, was discovered. They used injections on animals to find out that the p57 molecule makes your brain think you are full and, therefore, not hungry.

Hoodia gordonii is available in many forms including capsules, liquid, powder, or tea. These can be bought online or in health stores. This works because, even if you have not eaten, the p57 molecule makes you FEEL as if you have. Therefore, you are not hungry and you don’t overeat. This results in successful weight loss by controlling your appetite and cravings. The only way you can be sure you are getting the genuine hoodia gordonii is to find the Certificate of Analysis, and a C.I.T.E.S. certification. The manufacturer will be happy to provide these for you so that you know you are getting the real deal.

The manufacturer of hoodia gordonii has specific instructions for you to follow to help you on your quest to lose weight. Follow the guides for dosage and be careful not to over do it. As with most eating programs, this works best when used with a balanced diet and the right amount of exercise. Many people have reported amazing results by using this method. It usually takes about 14 days to notice the results because your body needs to let it build up. Some people notice the effects faster, but give it 2 weeks before deciding it’s not worth it. When used correctly, there is no reason that you cannot be one of those people who give glowing testimonies regarding hoodia gordonii.