Healthy diets for weight loss

It is perfectly understandable nowadays to question if there are any healthy diets for weight loss actually available or, if there are just a mass of fad diets that mess with your body, mind and wallet!

Whenever we take the time to sit down and analyse what we actually eat we are almost always amazed at how much of it is fat. The speed at which the majority of us live our lives today means that processed, convenience and fast foods are on the menu more often than not and are there responsible for the major part of this problem.

Before we start talking about what is a healthy diet, we must first understand exactly why we need to eat! The simple answer to that question is to provide our bodies with the energy they require in order to function normally.

However, if we always listened to what our bodies were telling us nobody would have a weight problem…look at the animal kingdom (wild, not domestic!), you simply don’t see obese animals, unless they are about to hibernate that is, why?

Animals will stop eating when their bodies tell them to, humans on the other hand, stop when they want, or decide, to. This wouldn’t be a problem if we were only eating the right foods but when the foods we eat contain far too many fats and sugars then we are asking for problems.

In order to work at their best our bodies need plenty of energy-providing foods every day. The problem is that we consistently fail at providing the correct amount of energy to our bodies which is surprising, especially when you consider how we always ensure our cell phones are charged and our cars have fuel in the tank. So…putting it plainly, we need healthy diets for weight loss that will cut excessive fat and sugar intake and ensure the correct levels of energy are achieved.

One of the biggest of debates is what actually constitutes a healthy diet. Here are a couple of diets that have been deemed to be healthy diets for weight loss… by whom, I do not know!

Low carb diets: When diets such as the Atkins Diet first became popular, one of the most quoted lines that was frequently heard was ‘Carbs are bad!’ Unfortunately, far too many people believed this outrageous lie and jumped onto the bandwagon. Firstly, to put the record straight, the primary job of carbohydrates, is to provide the body with energy, in particular the nervous system and brain. Our bodies should receive somewhere between forty and sixty percent of it’s daily requirement of calories from carbs so how on earth can a diet plan that reduces the amount of carbohydrates to a dangerously low level be deemed ‘healthy’!

The” Grapefruit” Diet: Grapefruit have been used for a long time to help people lose weight. The grapefruit diet is very simple and involves eating half a grapefruit with every meal or, alternatively drinking the juice of a grapefruit with each meal, by doing this your calorific intake can be significantly reduced, often to as low as 800 calories a day, and sometimes lower.

The reason why eating grapefruit is good for weight loss is that it contains a fat-burning enzyme and is also high in fibre. Unfortunately, although eating grapefruit sounds a good idea there are some things that you need to consider, first of which is that grapefruit is considered potentially dangerous to anyone taking heart medication, statins for the reduction of cholesterol and, will also make, so I’m led to believe, the medication Viagra toxic!.

The healthiest way to lose weight is not to diet as such, but instead to use a diet plan that promotes combining exercise with the use of ‘negative calorie’ foods, in other words, eat well not less… feed the body, not the fat cells.

A good diet plan will leave you feeling invigorated, energized, slim and fit whereas a bad diet may help you lose weight initially but you will be left feeling drained and miserable with no energy to enjoy any weight loss you have achieved.